Preparing for Shanghai: Frequently Asked Questions

January 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

This post will be regularly updated to accommodate for new questions I receive from people who are visiting Shanghai or are looking to move here. If you have a question leave me a comment below.

Jemima and myself; taken at XinTianDi

Jemima and myself; taken at XinTianDi

When is a good time to visit Shanghai?
I first arrived in Shanghai at the end of June and the other interns who I met there told me that they hadn’t seen a clear day since they had arrived. The weather at the start of the Summer is extremely muggy and it is hard to even see the top of the skyscrapers clearly. Most people would agree that Spring or Autumn are the best times to visit as the Summers are extremely hot reaching over 30-35degrees but I personally love the heat and I didn’t find this a problem at all. It doesn’t actually get cold in Shanghai until November and even then it is quite crisp and fresh, the Winter period is extremely short (well compared to London anyway!) I would definitely advise against visiting Shanghai between December and February though if you only plan on visiting once or twice as a traveller. One of the perks of the Shanghai Skyline is that the city is filled with rooftop terraces so don’t miss out on sensational views and great outdoor atmosphere by visiting in the peak of Winter!

What should I bring with me?
Personally I am a bit of a pack my passport and a few pairs of knickers and hope for the best kinda gal, the thought of forgetting anything doesn’t really stress me out because I believe that if you have a bit of money in your pocket, your passport in your other pocket and a few pairs of clean underwear then hey what’s the worst that can happen? But naturally, I understand that most normal and anal people like to plan for a trip halfway across the world so I’ll just mention the things that I wish I had with me at the start. Paracetamol, dry shampoo, spray deodorant, magazines from home, good quality make up wipes, a cardigan or spare hoodie because the air conditioning is FREEEEEZZZINGGG over here! Oh and bring lot’s of adaptors for your electrical appliances!


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